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Oct. 21, 2016, 7:47 p.m.
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A BOIL WATER notice affecting over 10,000 people in Cork has been lifted after eight months.Irish Water said they issued the notice on 27 February 2016 which affected 10,300 premises supplied by the Whitegate Water Treatment Plant.According to the utility, the warning was issued due to the high levels of cloudiness in the water.Irish Water has  installed new treatment, storage and controls to address the raw water qualities which were experienced during bad weather conditions last winter.InvestmentThey said a €1million investment was made in a new filtration system and other upgrade works which they say will provide effective year round protection.Spokeswoman Aisling Buckley said: “Over 10,000 residents supplied by the Whitegate Dower Regional Water Supply Scheme have been on a boil water notice since February.“Irish Water worked closely with Cork County Council and the HSE and Environmental Protection Agency to resolve this issue but we understand the significant inconvenience and disruption caused to households, businesses and communities as a result of the extended notice.“We wish to apologise to all of those inconvenienced by this boil water notice.”