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Sept. 7, 2016, 6:32 p.m.
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AROUND 200 PEOPLE turned out this evening to protest outside a clinic in Dublin’s north inner city that has been the focus of controversy in recent days, after footage from an undercover report was published.Health Minister Simon Harris said yesterday he was “extraordinarily concerned” and “sickened” by the undercover footage, which showed a woman in a crisis pregnancy clinic in Dublin giving misinformation about abortion.In a report for The Times (Ireland edition), reporters Ellen Coyne and Catherine Sanz secretly recorded a consultation in the clinic between a staff member and a woman seeking advice on a crisis pregnancy.It is alleged a staff member at the Women’s Centre, on Berkeley Street in Dublin 7, advised the woman that abortion increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer and that women who have had abortions are “known to neglect their children”.Protesters – some carrying placards, others wearing high-vis clothing – began to gather outside the centre at around 6.30pm. The centre is located next door to Reproductive Choices, an advice clinic aligned to the Marie Stopes organisation.AAA-PBP TD Bríd Smith and a number of other speakers addressed the demonstration. Many protesters wore ‘Repeal the 8th’ t-shirts and sweatshirts.Crowd of about 150-200 protesters outside Dublin centre filmed providing false information on abortion— Rónán Duffy (@ronanduffy_) September 7, 2016
Source: Rónán Duffy/TwitterCrowd of about 150-200 protesters outside Dublin centre filmed providing false information on abortion’s comments Taoiseach Enda Kenny said earlier was expecting Minister Harris to report to government on what new legislation might be required to clamp down on clinics giving misleading information on abortion.“The minister will report to government in due course as to what can be done and whether that might require regulation legislatively or otherwise,” he told reporters at an event in Dublin.Kenny added:Plenty of Repeal jumpers on display too @repealeight protest 👖🔥— Rónán Duffy (@ronanduffy_) September 7, 2016
Source: Rónán Duffy/TwitterPlenty of Repeal jumpers on display too @repealeight protest 👖🔥 yesterday, Minister for Social Protection Leo Varadkar said the new proposals to regulate the counselling and psychotherapy profession could be used to regulate such clinics.According to Varadkar:As it stands, he said, almost anyone can say they are a counsellor.Rogue pregnancy agencies have been operating in Ireland for over a decade without any regulation. There have been repeated calls for statutory regulations for pregnancy advice and counselling services, but successive governments have failed to legislate.With reporting by Christina Finn and Daragh Brophy