Aug. 1, 2016, 7:25 a.m.
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The horrifying rescue took place in Maryland as rushing water trapped a woman in her car.
Four men formed a human chain to grab the woman from her car with one man dragged into the water by the strong currents, but luckily survived.
At one point someone off camera screams to the woman “get out, get out.” She replies: “I can’t get out, I can’t do this,” while trying to climb out of the window.
“You have to,” the woman shouts back,
Eventually the woman starts to climb out of the car and one man manages to pull her out of the window before they are both pulled to safety.
The dramatic rescue in Ellicott City’s Main Street was captured on video, which was posted to Facebook by local business owner Sara Arditti.
Two people died in the flooding and another 120 have been rescued.
A Pennsylvania woman visiting the town with her family was one of those killed after their car was caught in the raging floodwaters and carried toward the Patapsco River, police said.
Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman told The Associated Press the devastation was the worst he’d seen in 50 years living in the county, including Hurricane Agnes in 1972, which caused the river to overflow its banks.
Virtually every home or business along Main Street sustained at least some damage, and the cost of repairs could reach the hundreds of millions of dollars, he said.