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July 22, 2016, 8:21 a.m.
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A DEMONSTRATION WILL be be held this afternoon in Dublin in support of five homeless families who have been told they have to leave their accommodation.Independent TD Thomas Pringle raised the issue of the families in the Dáil yesterday, who have been staying in Lynam’s Hotel on O’Connell Street.The National Assets Management Agency (NAMA) has put the hotel into receivership and the families have been told they need to leave by tomorrow.Pringle said yesterday that Dublin City Council is “trying to get more time” for the families but that all the council can offer is “more of the same inadequate, insecure accommodation”.Speaking today on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, some of the families described the conditions they were living in in the hotel and spoke about their worries for the future.“It’s awful, it’s very, very stressful. I’m washing [my baby's] bottle in bathroom water,” said Leanne Heffernan, who has been staying at the hotel with her family.“She’s got a bad dose of thrush twice since being here because it’s not suitable water.Leanne said she found out about her situation “by accident” and contacted the Irish umbrella activist group the Irish Housing Network, who are supporting the families.“It’s basically just bed and shower”Another woman named  Karen is living at the hotel with her 16-year-old son. She also spoke to RTÉ about the situation there.“It’s hard, very hard,” she said.“You’ve got no cooking facilities, no launderette, you’ve got no fridge, you’ve got nothing really.Karen’s son Marcus said living at the hotel was difficult and compared it to “a prison”.Anna Farrell and her husband lives at the hotel with her husband and five children. Both work full time but say they can’t afford their own accommodation.“It’s quite difficult. We go out a lot… since we became homeless a month ago we’ve been in three different places and one night we were homeless,” she said.Anna said she didn’t know what the family would do on Saturday. She said they had been offered alternative accommodation but that it wasn’t suitable.“So far we don’t have any plan yet,” she said.“We were offered a place where there were six bunk beds and a small shower.The demonstration will be held this afternoon outside Lynam’s Hotel at has contacted the Dublin Regional Homeless Executive (DRHE) for comment.