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July 5, 2016, 4 p.m.
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Joe O'Toole

Source: RollingNews.ieJOE O’TOOLE has stepped down as chairman of the commission investigating the water situation in Ireland.O’Toole’s resignation was widely expected after intense criticism followed an interview he gave to the Irish Examiner in which he said he thought people should pay their water charges.In a statement, O’Toole said he had intended to stay on as the chair of the commission until environment minister Simon Coveney “informed me that the main opposition party would not cooperate with government on this and related issues for as long as I remained in the chair”.n an interview with the Irish Examiner, O’Toole expressed his support for water charges and the polluter-pays principle, which opponents to the charges believe makes his position untenable.He also said that people like AAA-PBP were “completely and utterly wrong” on the issue of water charges.Responding to the news of O’Toole’s resignation, Sinn Féin said that the commission is now “in crisis”.“Minister Coveney said that the purpose of establishing an expert independent Commission on the future of domestic water charges was to take the heat out of the political debate,” said party spokesman on water Eoin Ó Broin.