July 4, 2016, 1:58 p.m.
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Anti Austerity Alliance TD Paul Murphy has accused Mr O'Toole of being biased in favour of water charges.
He said Mr O'Toole should "immediately resign" as a media interview he gave showed him to be a "cheerleader for water charges".
Mr O'Toole said he paid his water charges and in that way supports them, but he wants to approach the work of the commission with an honest and open mind about what is best for the common good, and he would ask others to have the same approach.
He acknowledged it was a divisive and polarising issue and he did not have the answers to what was best.
But he insisted that at the end of five months of guiding a national debate on the issues, through information, through research and looking at all the facts and all the options, then he will have some answers he will put to the Irish people.
While he has a view on water charges, he said his view on the issue could well change, and he looks forward to hearing a number of different arguments that will modify or change his viewpoint, and he would appeal to all sides in the debate to do the same.
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