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Nov. 6, 2017, 7:26 a.m.
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The housing and homeless charity says in its annual report that the Government should switch its funding to more effective forms of responding to homelessness, such as ‘Housing First’ rather than continue to rely increasingly on emergency accommodation.
Peter McVerry Trust CEO Pat Doyle said: "This is very frustrating because we know that emergency accommodation is more expensive and less effective than other models such as Housing First.
"Yet Housing First receives less than 1% of the national homeless budget each year in Ireland. In other countries up to 50% of the homeless services budget must be invested in the Housing First model.
"Housing First has significantly higher success rates for housing people, and can be delivered at almost half the cost of traditional emergency accommodation.
"If we can get the Government to make a funding and policy shift, then the next thing we need is housing to come on stream to actually deliver a Housing First approach."