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Jan. 3, 2018, 11:33 a.m.
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Enterprise Ireland has announced a new fund for companies affected by Brexit. The announcement comes as the State body said firms it supports created more than 19,000 new jobs last year.
A total of 209,338 people are now employed in companies supported by EI, the highest total number achieved in the history of the agency.
2017 marked eight years of consecutive growth at EI-backed companies.
Taking into account job losses, there was a net increase of 10,309 new roles created last year.
Every region showed growth in terms of employment as did every industry sector.
Some of the industries worst affected by the recession showed positive growth with the number of new jobs created, for example, in the construction sector rising 8 per cent.
The construction, life sciences and engineering sectors delivered the largest jobs increases overall, EI said.
“Despite the challenge and uncertainty created by Brexit, Irish companies have continued to grow their global exports, supporting strong job creation across all of the regions of Ireland,” said chief executive Julie Sinnamon.
Two thirds of the new jobs created were outside of Dublin. The West, Mid-West and North West saw the largest level of increases.
The new Market Discovery fund, announced on Wednesday, provides up to €150,000 to support companies to diversify into new markets and expand their presence in existing ones outside of the UK.