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Dec. 24, 2017, 2:35 a.m.
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Samantha McCaughren

December 24 2017 2:30 AM

Tesco Ireland is to donate 40 grocery home service vans to charitable groups across the country.

The initiative is part of Tesco's 'No Time for Waste' campaign which aims to minimise food waste and increase surplus food donations nationwide.
Since 2014 the group has partnered with social enterprise FoodCloud, redistributing meals to over 275 community groups across the country. These donations have enabled the charitable sector to save over €6m off their food bills, according to FoodCloud estimates.
To help good causes increase storage capacity, Tesco Ireland recently committed to providing free fridges and freezers through its Community Chill initiative. Over 340 individual storage units are expected to be delivered to the successful community groups in January 2018.
Another issue is transport as many volunteers use their own personal cars and vans to carry out the day-to-day deliveries.
To address this, Tesco Ireland will donate 40 vans to charitable groups across Ireland over the coming months including Dublin Simon Community, DaisyHouse and Linx Ballymun.
Geoff Byrne, coo of Tesco Ireland, said: "Our surplus food donations programme has grown from a one-store trial back in 2013 to donating almost 4.5m meals with all of stores donating surplus food to their local communities with the support of FoodCloud."
Tesco is calling on new community groups which could benefit from receiving food donations to register with its surplus food donation programme via its website.