Aug. 17, 2017, 11:41 a.m.
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The committee will meet again later today to discuss it further.
Minister for Transport Tourism and Sport Shane Ross this afternoon said the Moran report exposed the rotten culture at the heart of the Olympic Council of Ireland. 
At the Oireachtas hearings into the ticketing scandal, Mr Ross said retired judge Mr Justice Carrol Moran highlighted shameful standards of corporate governance under Pat Hickey's presidency and a triumph of commerce over competitors.
He said that while the judge could not establish all of the facts, he did not need to.
He was not in pursuit of criminality, merely a narrative of events, however unpalatable.
The minister said there was an overriding emphasis on maximising the commercial opportunities of ticketing for the Olympic Games.  The athletes, their relations and Irish supporters were a poor second.
The OCI and Mr Hickey were well aware of ticket agent Pro10's dubious origins and abject failings but showed utter disregard for the interests of athletes, their family and friends, and Irish spectators generally. 
He said it was clear from the report that the governance structures of the OCI failed entirely in their purpose to direct and control the management of the organisation. 
The minister also said the circumstances of the honorarium to the president also raise serious concerns.
The amount paid to Mr Hickey, €60,000 a year, was far in excess of what might reasonably be considered an honorarium. 
He also said a statutory inquiry would have run into difficulties with parties outside the State and he said such a probe would be disproportionate and would involve a much larger legal bill.