Aug. 15, 2017, 9:50 a.m.
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The Dublin Port Tunnel has been closed in both directions after a truck caught fire inside the tunnel this morning.
Emergency services are at the scene of the incident and Dublin Fire Brigade said one person was treated at the scene. Major traffic delays are expected as a result of the fire.
“Port Tunnel closed both ways following a fire on a truck. South bound traffic slow from M1/M50 Interchange and north ound traffic slow from East Wall Road. Emergency services at scene,” AA Roadwatch said.
Dublin Fire Brigade tweeted: “Our crews are dealing with an incident in the Northbound bore. Both bores are closed to traffic to facilitate access.”
The Dublin City Council traffic management account on twitter said there was also a separate collision on the M1/M50 southbound before the tunnel which was adding to the traffic disruption.
The M50 twitter account said both lanes in the Port Tunnel have been temporarily closed due to a truck on fire.