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Aug. 14, 2017, 11:20 a.m.
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Two men have appeared at Dublin District Court charged with conspiring to murder a Dublin man last week.
Gary Gleeson (34) and Stephen Dunne (38) were stopped in a van last Monday on Kylemore Road by armed units from the National Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau and the Emergency Response Unit.
Both men were held for questioning in Crumlin Garda station for a week before being charged on Sunday evening with conspiring to murder Michael Frazer.
They were charged that between July 28th, 2017 and August 7th, 2017 they conspired with each other, and with others not before the court, to carry out the killing.
They were also charged with possession of a Luger type 9mm Tarus PT92 AF semi-automatic handgun and ten rounds of 9mm ammunition on August 7th, 2017 at Naas Road, Crumlin.
Mr Gleeson of Muskerry Road, Ballyfermot replied “no comment” to the charges. Mr Dunne of Meile an Rí, Lucan did not reply when charged.
The court heard further charges may follow.
The men were remanded in continuing custody after Judge Alan Mitchell was told the District Court does not have jurisdiction to hear a bail application for a conspiracy to murder charge. Any bail application will have to be made before the High Court.
The Director of Public Prosecutions is to indicate later if the case will be heard summarily in the District Court or on indictment in a higher court. Judge Mitchell said he could not see how it could be heard as a summary case.
Both men applied for legal aid. Det Garda Val Russell said Mr Gleeson is not working and not receiving social welfare.
Judge Mitchell noted that Mr Gleeson’s statement of means lists a Rolex watch, a Audi car worth €15,000 and an Astra worth €500. The detective replied that Mr Gleeson “appeared to be living beyond his means.”
The judge deferred granting legal aid pending more information. He granted legal aid to Mr Dunne after hearing he was on disability allowance and that the application is not being opposed by gardaí.
Judge Mitchell also recommended that Mr Dunne receive immediate medical attention when he arrives at Cloverhill Prison. The court heard he had required a doctor while in Garda custody last week.
The men will appeared again before Cloverhill District Court on Friday.