Aug. 14, 2017, 10:55 a.m.
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It means that almost 17 million people travelled through Dublin Airport in the first seven months of the year, which is also a 6% rise on the same period of 2016.
Dublin Airport said that the number of passengers travelling to or from continental Europe rise by 7% to 1.7 million during July, while transatlantic travel rose by 18% to 404,000.
The numbers traveling to and from Britain was flat, however, with 896,000 people making such a journey last month.
The number of people connecting to other destinations via Dublin Airport also grew in July, with 158,000 (+30%) people using the facility as a gateway during the month.
More than 810,000 people have done so in the first seven months of the year, a rise of 42% year on year.