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Aug. 14, 2017, 5:43 a.m.
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It is estimated there are 180,000 vacant homes in Ireland.
The latest census figures also show that children aged four and younger are now the largest single age group experiencing homelessness in Ireland.
The Government's Vacant Homes Strategy is due to be announced next month.
In advance of this, Minister Eoghan Murphy has detailed efforts already under way to identify vacant properties and get them back in use.
Local authorities have been asked to designate vacant home officers in their areas.
The terms of the fair Deal Nursing Home scheme are being looked at to see if changes can be made to facilitate the use of properties of those living in nursing homes.
A website,, is now live for people who wish to anonymously log details of possible vacant homes, allowing local authorities to follow up with the owners to see if the properties can be re-used.
Latest figures from the Department of Housing show just less than 8,000 people - including nearly 3,000 children - were homeless in June.