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July 27, 2017, 11:02 a.m.
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THE LATEST BATCH of figures from Census 2016 have been published, and this time it focuses on households and families in Ireland.The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has also provided this interactive map, to show you where all the single people in Ireland were living, when the survey was compiled in April 2016. Areas with a large student population, such as Maynooth, had a higher proportion of single people.Single people – numbering 1,544,862 –  make up 41.1% of the Irish population aged 15 and over.Most (36%) single people live in cities, with 34% living in rural areas and the other 30% living in urban areas, excluding cities.The number of people who were married has increased by 4.9% since the last Census in 2011. In all, the CSO lists 1,792,151 people as being married in Ireland, including those who have remarried.By age 33, women were more likely to be married than single. For men, they were more likely to be married than single by age 35.
Source: CSOThere were a total of 222,073 people separated or divorced in Ireland, which is up 8.9% since April 2011. In terms of divorced people, that figure has climbed 18.4% to 103,895.Here a few more of the main points in the latest release:You can view the full report here.