July 21, 2017, 8:11 a.m.
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Ireland has slipped one place but has retained a top-ten ranking in the latest Global Reputations Survey.
The survey gathers opinion from 39,000 people across the G8 countries - Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the UK and the US.
It is seen as an indicator of sentiment, which may impact on tourism and investment decisions.
Ireland places tenth among the 55 countries ranked, increasing its reputation score - which incorporates environmental factors such as security as well as governance and the economy.
The list is headed by Canada.
Among the fallers on the list this year were the UK - down five places following the Brexit vote - and the US, which fell ten places to 38th.
Managing Director of The Reputations Agency Niamh Boyle said the ranking is based "primarily on the level of trust and respect and esteem and good feeling that these people in G8 countries have for a country".
She said there are also "rational" attributes that a country is measured on, such as how appealing the environment is, friendliness, and beauty.
"This is where we tend to do very, very well. The softer metrics are where we perform. We’ve come in sixth place for being a beautiful country, we come in seventh place for warm and welcoming. And we also do very well around being an appealing environment and a safe country."
Ms Boyle says a strong reputation leads to strong supportive behaviours.
"When we’re looking at this study... we’re talking to our clients and we’re advising them on their operations in Ireland, because they’re making a business case for Ireland every year about why they should stay here or invest further.
"But we also have clients who are tasked with promoting Ireland abroad; FDI, enterprise, tourism agencies, the chambers of commerce, universities – who are all looking internationally for business."
On the significance of some of the harder results related to the survey, Ms Boyle said: "We’re not performing as well. We’re coming in 22nd place for being technologically advanced, we’re coming in 21st place for well-known brands, and for having a favourable environment for business we’re coming in 17th place.
"Now, they’re not bad positions, they’re above middle ground. But obviously if we want to get into a top-5 position in the world, these are the areas that we would really need to be performing very well in."