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July 12, 2017, 6:08 a.m.
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Zendesk designs software to help businesses interact more effectively with their customers.
Zendesk was founded a decade ago in Copenhagen by three friends with the aim of simplifying customer support.
Today, the now San Francisco-headquartered firm, has over 100,000 customers in 160 countries, with offices around the world.
It is expanding rapidly with 30% year-on-year growth across the European, Middle Eastern and African markets.
It opened its EMEA headquarters in Dublin five years ago and currently employs 200 staff here.
It has now signed a lease on a new 58,000 sq foot office building along the Grand Canal near the city centre and plans to expand its workforce by a further 300 over the next three years.
The new roles will be across operations, including engineering, development, infrastructure, product management, sales, finance and legal.
The investment is supported by IDA Ireland, which along with the Government, has welcomed the announcement.