July 4, 2017, 8:41 a.m.
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FLIGHTS WERE DIVERTED from Dublin Airport last night due to severe weather conditions and runway maintenance.“There were 12 flight diversions last night due to low visibility/heavy fog conditions which were not forecasted or expected,” a spokesperson for Dublin Airport told TheJournal.ie.Seven aircrafts were diverted to Shannon Airport, three diverted to Liverpool and two to Belfast.Most of the aircraft arrived back into Dublin during the night, Dublin Airport said.The flights had to be diverted partly due to construction work taking place on the main runway between from 11pm – 5am every night.“…As a consequence our secondary runway, R16/34 is in operation,” the spokesperson said. “Some aircrafts do not have the capability to operate on this runway in poor weather conditions such as dense fog on the airfield.”Because of poor visibility on the airfield the runway overlay works were cancelled from 11.30pm onwards and flight operations returned to the main runway.