July 3, 2017, 9:06 p.m.
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Dublin City Council has taken High Court proceedings aimed at closing down a large city centre bar and restaurant pending compliance with building regulations.
The action concerns Roberta’s restaurant and bar on the first floor of Dollard House, located at Wellington Quay and Essex Street East.
The council claims the restaurant exposes staff and customers to an unacceptable and unnecessary risk by acting in clear disregard of building control requirements.
An inspection of the premises had found gaps in the application of fire resistant coatings to structural steel, which called into question the integrity of fire resistance of the structure, Stephen Dodd, for the council, said.
The case is against The Workmans Club, as alleged owner of Roberta’s and holder of a lease on parts of the property, and against Keywell Designated Activity Company, which it is claimed owns the premises.
The Workmans Club is now operating a large restaurant without the required certificates and approval, representing a risk to members of the public and staff, said Mr Dodd.
The judge returned the matter to Friday.