June 30, 2017, 2:13 a.m.
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Northern Ireland's Comptroller and Auditor General report published today found evidence of ten boilers that were running virtually round the clock and attracting subsides of £50,000 per machine. 
Kieran Donnelly's report also found examples of grant beneficiaries with multiple boilers. 
The intention of the Renewable Heat Incentive was to encourage the use of green energy, like wood chip pellets and boilers.
However, the manner in which RHI was rolled out in Northern Ireland, it became a case of the more fuel you burned, the more profit you made.
The green energy initiative was introduced and overseen by DUP ministers but it became known as the cash for ash scheme. 
When details of it first emerged, and one former DUP minister, Jonathan Bell, made a series of accusations, it created the political storm that led to Sinn Fein pulling out of its partnership government with the Democratic Unionist Party.
In his report, Mr Donnelly said "he continues to have significant concerns about the operation of this scheme and the serious systemic weaknesses in controls that have facilitated the possibility of funding that is at best not in line with the spirit of the scheme, and at worst is fraudulent."
A public inquiry has been set up to investigate the affair and it will begin public hearings later this year.