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June 28, 2017, 3:46 p.m.
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RAMADAN CAME TO a close for another year last Saturday.Recent world events have put the spotlight on Islam – and in some regions – on Muslims themselves.Last week, visited a mosque in Blanchardstown to find out what it’s like living as a Muslim in Ireland in 2017.One of the locals we spoke to was Ibraaheem who moved to Dublin more than two years ago.“We love it here,” he said of his family’s experience. He previously lived in Saudi Arabia where he worked as a public relations communications consultant.“I wanted my children to have more opportunity,” he continued. “We feel safer here.”University student Haris said he likes the way the people of Ireland are “easy-going and friendly”, adding that they have accepted him and his family as one of their own.When asked about recent events in the UK, France and elsewhere that might give a negative impression of Islam, Ibraaheem said that there are people who try to “skew” the religion into something that fits their own agendas.“If you want to know the truth about Islam, read for yourself, educate yourself. There’s plenty of information out there,” he explained.