June 28, 2017, 6:08 a.m.
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Gordon Deegan

June 28 2017 2:30 AM

DUBLIN Airport Authority (DAA) has projected that passenger numbers will increase by a further 3.2m to 31.1m by 2020.

In 'commercially sensitive information' contained in new tender documents for a new barber's outlet at the airport, it is forecasting that the rate of passenger growth over the next four years will slow down compared to the 11.5pc increase enjoyed last year.
Last year, 27.9m passengers went through Dublin making it Europe's fastest growing major airport.
The DAA is forecasting a 4.6pc growth this year from last year's 27.9m to 29.2m and is projecting 31.1 million passengers for 2020.
The new barbers is to be located on the arrivals hall at T2 .
"The main rationale behind the tender is for a barbers to serve the circa 19,000 people employed at the airport and in airport-related businesses on campus or close to the airport campus," a spokeswoman said.
She added: "Dublin Airport is effectively a town in terms of the scale of employment provided by ourselves and a host of other companies."