Feb. 29, 2016, 1:08 p.m.
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CANDIDATES – AT LEAST, the candidates with skin in this particular part of the game – were settling in for the long haul this afternoon at the RDS.The Simmonscourt venue, which was a hive of activity on Saturday, was decidedly quieter this morning, as count staff from Dublin Bay North reconvened to begin a full recount of votes.The staff sat along three pens of desks as the ballot papers were redistributed once again.No-one was making estimates of when the process would be concluded, but ‘in days’ probably wouldn’t be far wide of the mark.Averil Power a study in concentration here. #dubbn pic.twitter.com/1RHHxQ7wm2— TheJournal Politics (@TJ_Politics) February 29, 2016
Source: TheJournal Politics/TwitterAveril Power a study in concentration here. #dubbn pic.twitter.com/1RHHxQ7wm2The candidates present had a chat with the returning officer before the process started this morning. Independent Averil Power (above) was poring over the ballots as staff went through them once again – her rival candidates Tommy Broughan (ind) and John Lyons (AAA-PBP) also looked on.The former Fianna Fáil politician, still a sitting senator, was granted the recount following count 13 last night.That followed the distribution of the votes of SocDem candidate Cian O’Callaghan. His transfers saw Power trail Broughan by 67 votes and Lyons by 92 votes.That result would have seen Power eliminated.“We think it’s fairer on the people of Dublin Bay North that we’ve got this right and that people can be satisfied with the result,” Power said last night. Fine Gael’s Richard Bruton was the only person deemed elected before the recount was called.Speaking to TheJournal.ie this morning, Broughan said he wasn’t expecting to be out of the RDS anytime soon.“They’re looking at my papers now and then they’re going to do John Lyons and then they’re going to do Averil, because obviously there are three candidates close together,” Broughan said, outlining the expected process.“Then they’re going to do everybody else.First they look through all the number ones… any queries on them? Put a flag on them. Then we go to second preference, and obviously third preference and so on as you go back through the counts.Each of the potential errors will then be looked at by representatives of each of the candidates, and an adjudication made.The returning officer has said all of the other candidates’ ballots will be examined once those of Broughan, Lyons and Power and gone through.“It’s a full recount,” Broughan stressed.