Dec. 13, 2017, 1:33 p.m.
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Westminster may be buzzing with speculation about a possible defeat for the government in tonight's vote on the EU Withdrawal Bill, but Jeremy Corbyn opted to go for housing and homelessness - more comfortable, and familiar, territory for the Labour leader than Brexit. Or maybe Labour wanted to keep their powder dry and not risk putting off possible Tory allies by giving the PM a hard time.
Just like last week, a loyal Tory backbencher gave Mrs May a helping hand at the start. Will the PM promise to give MPs a meaningful vote on the final Brexit deal, asked Cheryl Gillan. Why, yes, she replied, she will.
“We will put the final withdrawal agreement between the UK and the EU to a vote in both houses of Parliament before it comes into force" says the PMMPs will vote “well before March 2019” ahead of the vote in European Parliament #pmqs
Both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn began with comments on Thursday's memorial service to mark six months since the Grenfell Tower disaster, which both of them will be attending. The Labour leader made some pointed remarks about how it was an "avoidable tragedy" and a sign of the betrayal of working class communities. Mr Corbyn then asked why homelessness and rough sleeping had "doubled".
"Homelessness and rough sleeping have risen every single year since 2010" says @jeremycorbyn asking if this will fall in 2018Govt putting £500m into homelessness says @theresa_may and housebuilding went down 45% under Labour #PMQs
Mrs May hit back with an attack on Labour's record on housing. Mr Corbyn called on the PM to promise that there will be "fewer children will be without a home" by 2018.
“It’s too late for this Christmas, but will the PM promise that by Christmas 2018, fewer children will be without a home to call their own?” @jeremycorbyn “We are making sure our families at risk can get support before they find themselves homeless” @theresa_may #pmqs
Mrs May said building more homes was a priority for her government. Mr Corbyn then read out a letter from Rachel - he hasn't done the letter-from-a-reader format for a while - who says she has a "knot in her stomach" when her tenancy agreement is up for renewal.
“Will the PM help people like Rachel and back secure three-year tenancies for all private renters?” @jeremycorbyn“Rent controls have never worked, they result in reducing the number of homes that are available for people who want to have accommodation” @theresa_may #pmqs
The exchanges ended with the traditional trading of statistics, with Mrs May attacking Labour's record on housing.
“Will the PM apologise for what she said, and tell the House when she will deliver this one-for-one replacement?” @jeremycorbyn “We want to give people the opportunity to buy their own home, the Labour Party would take that opportunity away from them” @theresa_may #pmqs
“Latest figures show a quarter of all privately-rented homes are not up to decent standards” @jeremycorbyn“The number of homes failing to meet the decent homes standards is down by 49% since the peak under the Labour government” @theresa_may #pmqs
It was the Labour leader who got the most fired up, as he attacked rogue landlords and property speculators - cracking down on them has been one of his key priorities.
“When it comes to housing, this government has been an absolute disgrace” @jeremycorbyn linking it to “property speculators & rogue landlords”“We've delivered over 346,000 new affordable homes since 2010” @theresa_may “It’s the Conservatives delivering homes that people need”
The mood was relatively sober and restrained - and there was no attempt by either leader to veer off topic to bash each other on their wider policy agenda and record.
That's something they have been doing a lot of lately, writes my BBC colleague Joey D'Urso, to provide clips for social media.
The SNP's Iain Blackford asked the PM about bank branch closures - a subject raised later in the session by Labour MP Caroline Flint.
“Royal Bank of Scotland are paying us back by turning their back in 259 of our communities” @ianblackford asking her to make sure it does not close “last bank in town” @theresa_may says the government “recognises the importance of this on communities" #pmqs
Several Conservative backbenchers brought up tonight's Brexit vote, with Heidi Allen highlighting her amendment on a vote on staying in the single market.
Talking single market with @heidi_mp who says her #Brexit amendment will ensure “proper democratic oversight”@theresa_may says "the people of this country who voted to leave the EU, and this government will deliver for the people of this country" #pmqs
Leading Tory rebel Anna Soubry asked the PM if "in the spirit of unity" she would back her colleague Dominic Grieve's amendment - which could see the PM facing defeat later - guaranteeing MPs a vote on any final Brexit deal before it is finalised. The PM does not budge.
Ahead of the vote on #Brexit amendments, @Anna_Soubry says “PM and I have many things in common, including if I may say, being proud of being called bloody difficult women” before speaking of Dominic Grieve “who is not in that category for many, many reasons” #pmqs
Labour's Jack Dromey asked why no money had been spent on sprinkler systems for tower blocks in Birmingham.
There has been "not one penny" to fit Birmingham's 213 tower blocks with sprinklers, and it faces a “£100m unfair funding cut” says @JackDromeyMP adding “Maidenhead is the constituency the least-hard hit of any in Britain” #pmqs
“Any change in the government stance there?” @afneil on #brexit“Theresa May gave a long complicated answer” @bbclaurak “as far I could make out… there was no budge” #pmqs #bbcdp
All quiet on the Brexit front ??? Seems all sides keeping powder dry during #PMQs for bun fight ahead on “meaningful vote”
Not sure it really flies for May to be always coming back on record of previous Labour govt on housing - seven years ago now
Worst #PMQs ever
Maybot back spouting stats. Reminds me of HAL 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey #PMQs
John Penrose didn't look terribly impressed by that answer from Theresa May on a 'meaningful vote' on the Brexit deal