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Dec. 12, 2017, 11:34 a.m.
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Property prices in the rest of Ireland rose by 12.8% higher in the year to October compared to an increase for Dublin of 11.6%.
Overall, the CSO said that residential property prices at a national level increased by 12.1% in the year to October, compared to a rise of 12.2% in the year to September.
On a monthly basis, residential property inflation cooled to a six-month low of 0.5% and down from a monthly growth rate of 1.5% in September.
Breaking down the figures, they showed that Dublin house prices were up 11.6% in the year to October, while apartment prices increased by 12.1%.
The highest price growth was seen in South Dublin - at 14.4% - while Dun Laoghaire Rathdown saw the lowest house price growth of 9.7%.
Meanwhile, house prices in the rest of the country increased by 12.5% in the year to October, while apartment prices jumped 15.9%.
The West region of the country experienced the greatest price growth of 15.8%, while the Midland region saw the slowest rate of growth at 8%.
The CSO noted that Dublin residential prices are still 24.7% lower than the peak they reached in February 2007, while property prices in the rest of Ireland are 29.7% lower than their May 2007 peak.
In the 12 months to October, the average market price paid for a home was €267,900.