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Dec. 12, 2017, 10:17 a.m.
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Traveller representatives have called for calm after a shooting in west Dublin in which a woman, an eight-month-old baby and a boy (17) were injured.
A car drove into a Traveller housing site at Parslickstown Gardens, Mulhuddart, Dublin, on Monday afternoon, and a man fired a shotgun at residents who were standing near a garden at the site.
The woman (29) was holding the infant when they were shot at and the child was hit in its side by a number of shotgun pellets. The three victims later received treatment in hospital.
“Their condition is not life threatening,” said Supt Liam Carolan from Blanchardstown Garda station, who outlined details of the incident at a briefing.
One man was arrested on suspicion of possession of ammunition, and is being detained at Blanchardstown Garda station.
Pavee Point spokesman Martin Collins urged the parties involved in the incident to avail of conflict resolution.
He told RTÉ’s Morning Ireland he understood the shooting was related to the breakdown of a relationship and was not a case of a feud between two families.
“It’s important to call for calm, to be very careful that we don’t further inflame the situation. Conflict and violence are preventable.”
The situation involves one family and revolves around the breakdown of a relationship “and escalated from there.” He said violence is not inevitable and is preventable.
Mr Collins added that he knew some of the individuals involved, and had lived and camped with the older generation of the family. He warned that if there is not a resolution, there was a potential for escalation and “lives could be lost.”
In the aftermath of the shooting, a Garda presence was necessary to contain the situation, he said, “in case there is a rush of blood to the head to seek revenge or retribution.”
Meanwhile, a member of Blanchardstown Travellers’ Support Group claimed the local authority had a role to play in the shooting incident in Mulhuddart.
Catherine Joyce told RTÉ’s Morning Ireland the local authority knew the family involved was in crisis and if one of the families involved had been moved off the site, this incident might not have occurred.
Ms Joyce said the incident was tragic, especially at this time of year.
“The reality is that gun crime is a problem in this country. It needs to be dealt with by gardaí.”
She said Blanchardstown Travellers’ Group is willing to work with the gardaí and other organisations to come to some sort of resolution. She called on all sides to work to ensure that there is no escalation in the conflict.
Ms Joyce said she know the family involved and pointed out that this is not a feud between two families, but was a dispute within one family. “This fall out is a result from an incident some years ago.”