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May 22, 2017, 5:47 p.m.
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Owen Keegan was speaking at a special meeting called following a Labour Party motion expressing concern at the standard of services following staff reductions, including the loss of "corporate intelligence", and at the standard of external contractors who have been brought in as replacements.
The city council lost more than 1,600 staff - amounting to 23% of staff - between 2008 and 2016.
Labour Councillor Alison Gilliland said "the evidence at ground level points to an inflexibility in the service being provided.
"With housing maintenance is seems it has to become a health and safety issue to get a door or window replaced".
Many other councillors express concern at the standards of repair and maintenance in a number of areas, including roads and parks. 

Mr Keegan admitted there have been "occasional" failings.
However, he said services had not deteriorated corresponding to the loss of staff because many services are no longer the responsibility of the council.
Dublin City Council no longer has to provide waste collection, student grants, the running of homeless hostels, driver licensing and self insurance.
He also pointed out that councillors had voted to give the maximum 15% reduction in the Property Tax, leading to a gross loss of €12 million income annually.
However he agreed to provide a Service Delivery Plan across all departments for 2018 while councillors are to set up a monitoring group.