May 22, 2017, 2:55 a.m.
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The first minister will say Wales needs two Labour governments to ensure the economy works "for everyone".
The party says it will deliver tidal lagoons, rail electrification and the Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Plant.
It will also create a Development Bank of Wales, if in power in Cardiff and London.
The party says it will ensure the level of funding Wales currently receives from the European Union continues beyond Brexit.
Welsh Labour has so far been attempting to run a largely separate election campaign, fronted by First Minister Carwyn Jones rather than UK leader Jeremy Corbyn.
Theresa May in Welsh manifesto visit
At a launch for the campaign in Cardiff two weeks ago, Mr Jones made no reference to Mr Corbyn, and three of the five pledges unveiled related to the work of the Labour-run Welsh Government in Cardiff Bay, rather than issues under Westminster control.
Speaking at the launch in the Delyn constituency in north Wales later today, Mr Jones will say: "Our manifesto is an ambitious, comprehensive plan of what Welsh Labour can do, together, working in the assembly and Westminster."
He will add: "Working in partnership, Welsh Labour will commit to protecting the funding that would have come to Wales through the EU.
"That money will be spent in Wales, and on Welsh priorities, and not stashed away in Whitehall as the Tories now threaten."
The first minister will say a Labour government at Westminster would ensure an "estimated £1.5bn extra" will come to Wales every year.
The general election manifesto says Welsh Labour will also work with a UK Labour government to abolish the Severn bridges tolls and hand over responsibility for policing from Whitehall to the Welsh Assembly.