May 11, 2017, 9:52 p.m.
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She will pledge to campaign "in all corners" of the UK to reach those who have been "abandoned by Labour".
She will say that people have voted Labour for generations but many are "appalled" by Jeremy Corbyn's beliefs.
Mr Corbyn says the pledges in Labour's manifesto - a draft of which was leaked on Wednesday - will be "very popular".
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The leaked draft contains policies on nationalising railways, renewing Trident weapons, abolishing university tuition fees and scrapping the public sector pay cap.
Speaking after his party unanimously approved the final version, which will be officially unveiled next week, Mr Corbyn said it would be "an offer that will transform the lives of many people in our society and ensure that we have a government in Britain on 8 June that will work for the many, not the few".
But Mrs May will say his programme represents a return to "the disastrous socialist policies of the 1970s".
"Proud and patriotic working-class people in towns and cities across Britain have not deserted the Labour Party - Jeremy Corbyn has deserted them," she is expected to say.
"We respect that parents and grandparents taught their children and grandchildren that Labour was a party that shared their values and stood up for their community.
"But across the country today, traditional Labour supporters are increasingly looking at what Jeremy Corbyn believes in and are appalled."
She will highlight Conservative policies to cap energy bills, protect workplace pensions and improve mental health provision, while investing in the armed forces.
"I will be reaching out to all those who have been abandoned by Labour and let down by government for too long. I will be doing everything I can to earn their trust," she will say.
"My commitment to them is this: if you put your trust in me, back me, I will strive to be a leader worthy of our great country."