May 11, 2017, 9:16 a.m.
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By Taylor Heyman

May 11 2017 9:04 AM

A draft copy of the Labour General Election manifesto has been leaked to The Daily Mirror and Daily Telegraph, who report it sets out plans for nationalisation of the railways, committing to Trident and limits on executive pay.

Some saw the draft as a step towards a more caring Britain, but others accused Labour of wanting to drag the country back to the 1970s. Views were polarised on Twitter – let’s take a look at some of the best.
Nationalising rail, mail and energyAccording to the Daily Mirror, the manifesto states Labour will bring the railways under public ownership as franchises expire and bring the Royal Mail back under state ownership. Energy will also be partially nationalised.
For some, all this nationalisation of services reminded them of something…
Draft of Labour's election manifesto has been leaked, including plans to nationalise parts of energy industry and to scrap tuition fees.
#r4todaySo Labour has launched its Marxist Utopian Handbook...I mean manifesto. How many words on #Brexit?
For others, it seems like a great idea.
Forgetting your 16-25 railcard is up there with stubbing yer toe. Excruciatingly painful. Nationalise the railways. Now.
Reading the leaked Labour Party manifesto like
While we’re on the topic, what else should be nationalised?
Nationalise Greggs the baker
My first pitch for a modern, progressive Labour: nationalise Grindr, Scruff and Tinder. Convert Costa shops to saunas.
The only good thing about the 1970s was the music and the #LabourManifesto doesn't even mention it. Nationalise the top 40, comrades.
The end of tuition feesPredictably, scrapping tuition fees has been popular with students online.
You had me at scrapping tuition fees... @UKLabour #renationalisation #tuitionfees #labour #nhs #vote #banzerohour
I'd happily time travel to the 1970s if it meant no more tuition fees lol sign me up #LabourManifesto
"I want to end homelessness, scrap tuition fees and provide free school meals to ensure no child goes hungry"
Extra funding for the NHSThe draft manifesto says Labour would commit to £6 billion extra annual funding for the NHS by taxing the top 5% of earners.
"Labour's manifesto will drag us back to the 70s" when, presumably, we valued education the NHS and caring for the vulnerable. #ToriesOut
@RickyPengelly Labour is the only party able to defend our nhs and education, both crippled by tory cuts and more to come.
Some are in support of the the changes, but others wonder where the money would come from.
And another thing, the NHS.. Labour go on about the NHS struggling, but will refuse to deal with health tourists abusing it.
Corbyn's Labour Manifesto: "I want a kajillion bajillion dollars."
Others looked to Labour’s record in Wales, where it holds a majority, for a glimpse into the future.
@AnasSarwar @glasgowcathcart Would you Like to comment on fact Labour run Wales pay nurses a lot less than Scotland NHS and even less than the Tory run NHS in England
A Corbyn parody account insists tech will pay for the manifesto pledges – just not the tech you’d expect.
We'll abolish tuition fees, nationalise railways & power but also finance the hi-tech farms where the money trees will actually grow.