Dec. 8, 2017, 8:37 a.m.
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The Swedish retailer said the number of visits to its Ballymun store and its Carrickmines collection outlet, both in Dublin, were up 33% to more than 4 million. 
Bedroom furniture was its strongest growing category, rising by 14%.
IKEA also noted that its Ballymun store is performing strongly against its global counterparts, with the Home Decoration department ranked at number two in IKEA Group's full year sales while the Lighting Department is ranked at number 3.
IKEA Ireland added 42 new jobs during the year across a number of positions including sales, logistics and customer relations and it now has a staff of 705. 

Claudia Marshall, IKEA Ireland's Market Manager, said the opening of its 'Order and Collection Point' in Carrickmines along with investments in lowering delivery prices and product prices highlighed the company's commitment to making IKEA more accessible to Irish consumers.