Feb. 28, 2016, 7:11 p.m.
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Source: TheJournal.ieNEARLY 36 HOURS afters after boxes were opened in Dublin Bay North, we have just one person elected.As expected that’s Richard Bruton, returned for the 10th time in 10 straight elections.But that’s about the only predictable thing about a count that will be going into tonight and (hopefully not) tomorrow morning.Fianna Fail’s Seán Haughey is expected to take a seat but he’ll probably do so without reaching the quota of 12,271.Behind him, however, are six candidates who all have a reasonable shot of taking one of the three seats.Long-time Independent TD Finian McGrath was looking pretty glum around the RDS this evening. He was even voicing worst-case scenarios about his seat to some of his supporters. But it’s not over yet.Another Independent, Tommy Broughan, told TheJournal.ie that things are very much up the air but that he’ll be sticking around until the bitter end. He only took a short break today to catch some of the Capital One Cup final (that also went to extra-time and penalties).
Source: TheJournal Politics/TwitterAfter Labour’s disastrous performance in the election, some party members have much of their hopes for the future pinned on Junior Minister Aodhán Ó Riordáin.He’s definitely in the race for one of the seats here and would be very, very unlucky not to take one. His supporters seemed cautiously optimistic with how things have gone so far, and a big transfer boost from Bruton will have helped that no end.There’s no sign of the man himself in the emptying RDS though, and he mightn’t show up until the end game.His – or Willie Penrose’s – re-election will secure the party speaking rights in the next Dáil.
A Denise Mitchell supporter in the RDS.

Source: RollingNews.ieSinn Féin ran two candidates and Denise Mitchell fared the better of the two. Her running mate Micheal MacDonncha was confident he’d get her elected when he’s eliminated.AAA-PBP Councillor John Lyons may benefit from some of the Sinn Fein transfers too, but there are a few creeping up from behind who could usurp him. Speaking to us though, he suggested that he’d be disappointed not to take a seat. Either way, he is adamant his activism will continue.The big surprise though among everyone here though is the performance of Independent Senator Averil Power. The ex-Fianna Fáiler is taking transfers from everywhere and it’s putting her seriously in the mix.
Power and her team waiting on the votes to come in.

Source: RollingNews.ieHer work campaigning for the same-sex marriage referendum won her some committed followers and they’re all in evidence checking the votes being counted.Power also benefitted from some strong media promotion.As one of her opponent’s followers put it: ‘She was handed a profile.’