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Dec. 7, 2017, 8:17 a.m.
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Two men, including one garda, have been injured following a shooting in Ballymun, Dublin.
It is understood that the two men were injured during a drugs seizure at a property at Barnwell Drive in Ballymun on Monday night.
Garda officers and Emergency Response Unit officers were carrying out a raid of a private home when the shooting began.
The first shots were reportedly fired when the gardaĆ­ attempted to break down the door and enter the property.
It is understood he garda was injured after being shot in the arm while trying to enter the home.
A further exchange of gunfire took place inside the property and a second man was injured, this time not a garda.
Both men sustained non life-threatening injuries in the shooting, according to reports.
The Garda Ombudsman has been notified and is investigating the incident in Ballymun.
More to follow...