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April 23, 2017, 5:08 p.m.
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The Pro Life Campaign said: "No matter how one dresses it up, today's vote at the Citizens' Assembly would result in abortion on demand if the recommendations voted on were inserted in the Constitution."
Cora Sherlock of the Pro Life Campaign made the remarks after the Citizens' Assembly met for the last time today, before sending their recommendations to the Oireachtas.
Ms Sherlock added: "There is nothing liberal or progressive about the Assembly recommending a referendum to strip unborn babies of their right to life in law and also ignoring the negative consequences of abortion for women."
"If the next phase of the process is to have any credibility, the first thing the new Oireachtas Committee charged with looking at the issue must do is examine how the Citizens' Assembly was allowed to operate in such a one-sided and chaotic way," said Ms Sherlock.
Recommendations of #CitizensAssembly must be acted upon  now. Government must now set a clear timeframe for a referendum. #repealthe8th
However, Amnesty International's Irish office welcomed the outcome of the Citizens' Assembly vote. 
"The Assembly's overwhelming (64%) backing for abortion on request at least in early pregnancy is a testament to their compassion and good sense. This is indeed the best way to safeguard women and girls' rights, said Colm O'Gorman, Executive Director of Amnesty International Ireland.
"This, accompanied by later gestational limits in specific circumstances which they also backed, paves the way for the introduction of human rights compliant laws on abortion.
"We earnestly hope that the Government respects this process by moving forward with decisive action now. It is time to end the daily violations of women's and girls' human rights, and the Assembly has set out a mandate to achieve that," added Mr O'Gorman.
Social Democrats co-leaders, Catherine Murphy TD and Róisín Shortall TD, said: "Today's votes by the Citizens' Assembly show that there is a very clear mandate for far reaching legal reform to allow for abortion on a range of grounds.
"We have long believed that the Constitution is not the place to deal with the complex issue of abortion. The Social Democrats strongly welcome the clear decision of the Assembly for a change in the status quo, and the clear recommendation for Constitutional change to ensure that the issue can now be dealt with by the legislature."
Being part of society means protecting vulnerable people, not working to see how we can strip their rts from Constitution #CitizensAssembly
However, Renua leader Cllr John Leahy said: "While we acknowledge the hard work of the Citizens' Assembly, we are puzzled and disappointed by their recommendations; to allow a fundamental human rights issue to be decided at any given moment by a majority of TDs is disturbing."
"Turning an amendment that protected human rights into one that states that those human rights are a matter of policy at the political level is perverse and will make the human rights of the unborn one more item to be horse-traded in order to secure power," he added.