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April 23, 2017, 2:59 p.m.
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THE CITIZENS’ ASSEMBLY has recommended that abortion should be legal without restriction up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.In a vote this afternoon, the members were asked whether women should be allowed access to termination without restriction.In their options, the members had a number of different options in relation to gestational term limits.After the votes were counted, the largest vote (48%) was for up to 12 weeks gestation.Out of the 87 valid votes cast, 29 people (36%) said terminations should not be available without restriction.In total, members voted on 13 reasons for which they feel a termination should be lawful.Results on reason 13— Rónán Duffy (@ronanduffy_) April 23, 2017
Source: Rónán Duffy/TwitterResults on reason 13 today’s meeting is concluded Laffoy will prepare a report for the Oireachtas that will be delivered before the end of June.An Oireachtas committee is being established to examine its recommendations.A referendum would be required if the government proceeded with the assembly’s recommendation.Laffoy’s report will be based on the results of the voting as well as the ballots themselves and any other recommendations assembly members have themselves made.More to follow