April 20, 2017, 7:31 a.m.
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Despite polls giving Tories double-digit leads over Labour with just seven weeks to go, Mr Corbyn will say his party can "change the direction of this election" by "putting the interests of the majority first".
In a speech in London, he will say that Labour will fight on behalf of Britain's "true wealth creators" and overturn a "rigged system" which favours rich individuals and businesses.
And he will promise that, if elected prime minister, he will not "doff his cap" to the rich and powerful or "play by the rules" set by the establishment elite.
Mr Corbyn is resisting Prime Minister Theresa May's efforts to cast the election as a vote on Brexit, insisting that it gives voters a chance to pass judgment on the Conservatives' record on austerity and public spending cuts.
Rejecting widespread predictions that Labour is heading for significant losses on 8 June, he is expected to say: "Much of the media and establishment are saying this election is a foregone conclusion.
"They think there are rules in politics, which if you don't follow by doffing your cap to powerful people, accepting that things can't really change, then you can't win.
"They say I don't play by the rules - their rules. We can't win, they say, because we don't play their game.
"They're quite right I don't. And a Labour Government elected on June 8 won't play by their rules."

Mr Corbyn will denounce those benefiting from the current system as "wealth extractors" and say it is only to be expected that they will oppose him.
"Of course those people don't want us to win," he said. "Because when we win, it's the people, not the powerful, who win.
"The nurse, the teacher, the small trader, the carer, the builder, the office worker win. We all win."
But he will insist: "Things can and they will change. And Labour in this election will be part of a movement of the British people to make that change."
Controversial business figures like Philip Green, Mike Ashley, Southern Rail and the chief executives of tax-dodging multinationals should be worried about the prospect of a Labour victory, he will say.
"Labour is the party that will put the interests of the majority first," Mr Corbyn is expected to say.
"That's why we will prove the establishment experts wrong and change the direction of this election - because the British people know that they are the true wealth creators, held back by a system rigged for the wealth extractors."