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Feb. 28, 2016, 12:14 p.m.
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It was a gruelling election count for Independent Maureen O’Sullivan (65) after tallies knocked her out of contention in a reduced constituency, down from four to three seats. The transfers from Green Party candidate Ian Noel Smyth moved her ahead of Independent councillor Christy Burke and transfers from Fianna Fail’s Mary Fitzpatrick moved her ahead of Social Democrat Gary Gannon. First elected to the Dáil in the byelection after the death of Independent Tony Gregory in 2010, O’Sullivan (65) was a key member of his organisation. An English teacher and guidance counsellor for 30 years, she is a quietly spoken, prolific and thoughtful contributor to Dáil debates and at question time to Ministers. She has been vocal about the deprivation in her constituency and has also been a long-term defender of the historic quarter around Moore Street connected to the 1916 Rising. A keen animal rights activist she has spoken out against badger culls and stag hunting.