March 23, 2017, 5:46 p.m.
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He was before the PAC to correct the record in relation evidence given to the committee on that date.
He has apologised to the committee for information given for failing to tell them that one of the HSE staff involved in the Grace case was still employed by TUSLA on a part-time basis.
He said the information only came to his attention yesterday by way of an examination he had initiated.
On the staffing issue he said, "In light of information that I now have, I wish to correct the record of my information to the Committee dated February 2nd 2016 at page 9. H3, while retired from the HSE, is currently in public service on a part-time basis in Tusla.
"I wish to apologise to the Committee for not being in a position to have had more complete information at the time in February 2016."
"The three persons to whom I referred (H7, H3 and H12 as per the Devine Report) had all retired from the HSE on the date that I made this statement (2 February, 2016).
"The HSE payroll system indicates that all three are in receipt of full HSE pensions. This indicates that all three are retired from the public service. It was on this basis that I stated, and believed, that the three persons (H7, H3 and H12) were no longer in the public service."