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Feb. 27, 2016, 7:17 p.m.
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1st count in #Waterford to be announced imminently #GE16— Jamie Moore (@Jamie__Moore) February 27, 2016
Source: Jamie Moore/Twitter1st count in #Waterford to be announced imminently #GE16 MANY AS 80 ballot papers at the counting centre for the Waterford constituency have been spoiled as the papers weren’t stamped.Stamping a paper is the job of the presiding returning officer at each polling station when each voter presents him or herself.Generally speaking a paper should be perforated appropriately before being handed to the individual voter.A source at the count centre told that the spoiled papers came from around the county and were not limited to one polling box.All told there were 400 spoiled votes discovered during the count at the Waterford centre.At present just one of four seats has been filled in the constituency with Fianna Fáil’s first-time candidate Mary Butler fulfilling the quota of 10,341 at the first count.The total turn-out in the county was 52,103.The battle for the remaining three seats appears to be a shoot-out between Sinn Féin’s David Cullinane (who is very close to the quota after the first count), independent John Halligan, and Fine Gael’s John Deasy and Paudie Coffey.