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Nov. 1, 2017, 8:18 p.m.
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The action has been taken by the Green Effect Technology Limited T/a Global Academics, and its directors Jason Orr and Joshua Cantwell in relation to a planned broadcast on the Prime Time Programme by RTÉ scheduled to be shown tomorrow night.
The company says it provides services to foreign students visiting Ireland such as information and orientation and language services.
The company says it is not involved in the provision of medium-term or long-term accommodation or is it involved in the private rented dwelling accommodation sector.
However it says it has entered into a lease agreement with a premises at The Data 79 Old Kilmainham Road, Dublin which it uses as an office and for temporary accommodation.
Some students had stayed at the premises.
Last August the company received a warning letter from Dublin City Council which said that an unauthorised development had taken place.
An inspection of the building was carried out by Dublin Fire Brigade in September, and the building was vacated by 11 October.
The company says it has tried to engage with the various authorities.
However in October it was contacted by RTÉ saying it was compiling a report in the rented accommodation sector, and that there was an immediate danger to the welfare and safety of tenants at the building.
The company says that RTÉ has alleged there have been multiple breaches of the Fire Safety Regulations and Building Regulations at 79 Old Kilmainham Road.
The company claims it is engaging with the relevant authorities and that RTÉ's intention to broadcast anything about Global Academics will usurp the relevant statutory process.
This, the company and the directors claims, will completely undermine their rights, including their right to privacy and to earn a living.
They fear that the broadcast will portray them as being unquestionably guilty of offences in the documentary.
RTÉ, the company and the directors claim, are not permitting an appropriate investigation by DCC to take place as RTÉ have arrived at a finding of their own.
They want the broadcast restrained until the completion of investigations by the relevant authorities.
The applicants represented in court by Pat O'Connell SC and Breffni Gordan Bl are seeking an injunction restraining RTÉ and journalist Barry O'Kelly from broadcasting or publishing anything about the applicants, their business, their economic relations and any references to their property until all investigations into him have been concluded by all the relevant authorities.
The matter came before Mr Justice Paul Gilligan.
The judge granted the applicants permission, on an ex-parte basis, to serve short notice of the proceedings on RTÉ and Mr O'Kelly.
The judge said he was not prepared to make any orders until the court had heard from RTÉ.
He adjourned the case to Thursday morning's sitting of the High Court.