Feb. 2, 2017, 1:21 p.m.
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The vocal Government critic and former management consultant is expected to get a frontbench role in the party dealing with Brexit issues.
Mr Donnelly said: "I was motivated to enter politics to make a difference in my community and to try and help change the direction of the country.
"I am very concerned at the various challenges facing our country and believe I can best play my part in addressing them as part of the Fianna Fail team whose policies reflect what I have advocated for."
Mr Donnelly, who was a founder of the Social Democrats before leaving the party last year, said Micheal Martin's party developed "a suite of constructive, progressive policies that have emphasised fairness and investment in public services" in recent years.
Mr Martin said: "Stephen has made a serious impact nationally in his time as a TD.
"In his various roles he has demonstrated a commitment to the principles of fairness and social democracy that underpin the values and policies of the Fianna Fail party."
Mr Donnelly was a scholar at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and worked for consultancy firm McKinsey before entering politics in 2011 and has held a Dail seat for Wicklow/East Carlow since then.