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Dec. 20, 2016, 7:06 p.m.
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It is understood there were 15 empty beds in hostels around the city last night.
A total of 84 extra beds are expected to be available this weekend with work being finished on three new facilities at Ellis Quay, Little Britain Street and Carman's Hall, which is being opened pending the hearing of a legal challenge.
Sam McGuinness of the Dublin Simon Community said there were 88 people found sleeping rough in the city centre this morning.
That compares to 168 counted by the organisation’s outreach teams last September.
There are usually around 70 people sleeping on the floor of Merchants Quay Ireland's 24 hour cafe who are not included in the rough sleeper counts. 
Mr McGuinness said he is hopeful that the extra beds this weekend should be "close to meeting demand".

However he added "from experience we know that when extra beds become available in the city centre people start to appear from the outskirts. We will be preparing for that and dealing with what happens".