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Dec. 19, 2016, 8:51 a.m.
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The paper says Ms Arnett, who appeared regularly on television and radio in relation to the various controversies at Irish Water, is to head the bank’s communications and corporate affairs operations at a time when it is aiming to expand again in the Irish market, having undertaken a major retrenchment following the economic crash.
She has been a member of the senior management team at Irish Water since September 2013, first as head of communications and corporate services and, since January 2016, as head of corporate affairs and environmental regulation.
As such she was the public face of the organisation when many controversies broke over the establishment and operation of Irish Water.
DRUGMAKER CORNERS US MARKET WITH WORM PILL COSTING 200 TIMES MORE THAN UK PRICE – A US drugmaker has put a price tag of more than $800 on a pinworm treatment – 200 times more expensive than the equivalent medicine on British pharmacy shelves, according to the Financial Times.
The publication says the move is the latest example of “price gouging” in the world’s healthcare market.
Impax Laboratories started selling mebendazole this year at an average price of $442 per pill, according to figures seen by the Financial Times, which were checked with several US pharmacy chains including Walgreens and CVS.
Most cases of pinworm, a parasitic infection also known as threadworm, require two pills, meaning a course of treatment costs about $884.
The drug is prescription only in the US, but can be bought over the counter in the UK for £1.75 per pill.
IRISH FIRM SECURES KUWAIT WATER STATION CONTRACT – The Irish Independent reports that Irish engineering consultancy firm Fehily Timoney has won a multi-million euro contract in Kuwait.
The company, which has offices in Cork and Dublin, secured the contract to design a major water distribution system in the country's capital city. It will also prepare tender documents for the project.
Fehily Timoney has signed the deal with Kuwait's ministry of electricity and water.
The company will partner with Arab engineering consultants and Dublin-based firm Nicholas O'Dwyer to deliver the project, which is expected to last 17 months.
FOREIGN BANKS PAYING LIMITED UK TAX – Some of the biggest foreign investment and commercial banks operating in Britain paid an average tax rate of just 6% on the billions of dollars of profits they made in the country last year, according to the Irish Examiner – citing a Reuters analysis of regulatory filings.
That is less than a third of Britain’s corporate rate of 20%.
There is, however, nothing illegal about how they managed to reduce their taxes, and includes using losses built up during the financial crisis to offset current bills.
Seven of the biggest international banks operating in London - Europe’s main investment banking centre - have published profit and tax data ahead of a year-end deadline stipulated by EU law.