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Dec. 9, 2016, 7:44 a.m.
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THE SON OF murdered prison guard Brian Stack has said he believes he knows the identity of a former IRA commander whom he said has information about his father’s killing.Speaking last night on RTÉ’s Prime Time, Austin Stack said that he had passed on what he believed was the name of the man to gardaí.Austin Stack’s father Brian died 18 months after was shot in the neck as he left a boxing match in Dublin in 1983. The Provisional IRA later claimed responsibility for shooting, but no one has ever been brought to justice.Austin has been involved in a long campaign to try get justice for what happened to his father.In 2013 he travelled with Gerry Adams to meet a former IRA commander who said that members of the IRA had killed his father. The man said that the killing wasn’t sanctioned by the leadership and that the people involved had been disciplined.Stack – along with the heads of various political parties – is calling on Gerry Adams to give the name of this former IRA commander to gardaí, and has accused Adams of lying in the Dáil about what he knows.Adams has previously passed on names to the gardaí in relation to the murder investigation.Adams has said that names previously provided by him to the garda commissioner in connection with the case were given to him by Stack. Austin Stack denies this.He yesterday confronted Adams at a party press conference in Dublin to call on him to hand over all of the information to gardaí.Adams has said previously that the meeting he facilitated between Austin Stack, his brother and the former IRA commander was done on the basis of confidentiality.