Nov. 20, 2017, 2:25 p.m.
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Labour MPs Lucy Powell, Ruth Cadbury and Stephen Kinnock, who had been calling for Mr Corbyn to resign, as they'll be seen on BBC2 Mon 9pm
Here's Labour MP Jess Phillips remembering her reaction on Daily Politics
“I was driving” @jessphillips on 2017 election exit poll news “I was very shocked , I nearly drove off the road – I was really shocked”
It was not just Labour MPs watching as the shock exit poll came out...
“I was watching it all unfold, and thinking ‘what on earth have they done’ and worried of course, for my own seat” @NickBoles #bbcdp
Find out more tonight on BBC 2 from 21:00 GMT or on iPlayer afterwards
Labour - The Summer That Changed Everything. Monday 9pm, @BBCTwo
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